Shenzhen prototype company - quality assurance, service first

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Shenzhen prototype company - quality assurance, service first

In the current product production, customers looking for Shenzhen prototype factory cooperation, has not only pay attention to quality, delivery and price, but also they pay attention to the service. Although the quality and price of the prototype now have certain advantages, but the quality of service is very different.


Not long ago,  Mr. Xiong, according to the "prototype factory" on the network to find the 101 prototype factory, Mr. Xiong inquired about the overall level of the 101 prototype factory and the service , although it is a very simple communication, but Mr. Lv's consultation is very detailed.The original reason why Mr. Xiong will contact 101 prototype factory is because the previous cooperation of the prototype factory service is not very good, the quality is just so so, which need to return to rework and recharge additional processing costs, which makes Mr. Xiong very upset, also makes Mr. Xiong germane to find another prototype factory determination.In the end, we did not let Mr. Xiong down. We completed the model requirements that Mr. Xiong gave to the prototype factory well, which made Mr. Xiong look at us with new and surprised look.



So when we are looking for a prototype factory, we need to carefully observe the service of other companies . This service of  101 prototype factory is always good. 24 hours customer service hotline, if you are interested in the prototype or have questions, welcome to consult the website online customer service, 101 prototype l - your side of the prototype factory, wholeheartedly for your service! If you want to understand their own products to do the processing proposal of the prototype.


101  prototype is a hand model factory with 15 years of work experience, so in the production and processing experience level is beyond any doubt, that is, 101  prototype signed a contract to receive the order, it will be in accordance with the contract. And it must not lift a stone to hit their own feet, also will do their best to meet the needs of customers, which is 101  prototype has been unremitting to do for 15 years.